Axon 10s Pro Detailed Parameters Officialy Announced By ZTE

At the end of last year, ZTE announced that the Axon 10s Pro will be released with the Snapdragon 865 processor. The device will support 5G SA / NSA, 5G network multi-path concurrency and Wi-Fi 6 technology, and will be listed early this year. Now, ZTE has launched a detail page on the official website, which details the smartphone

Axon 10s Pro

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As for the key features, the ZTE Axon 10s Pro is powered by Snapdragon 865 processor and uses LPDDR5 memory + UFS3.0 flash memory. Officially said, that it brings doubled faster read and write speeds, double the bandwidth, but also brings faster response speed. As a result, higher the reliability of error correction is greatly reduced. According to ZTE, the Axon 10s Pro smartphone’s  LPDDR5 memory is increased from 3200Mbp to 5500Mbps. Compared to the LPDDR4 which was adopted in the 2019 flagship and can transmit 44GB of data per second. The LPDDR5 supportes a 16-bank programmable and multi-clock architecture. Besides, the LPDDR5 introduces Data-Copy and Write-X instructions to reduce power consumption and link ECC error correction. It is expected, the Axon 10s Pro may also comes  with a Micron’s LPDDR5 memory.

Axon 10s Pro

In addition, the AXON 10s Pro also supportes a WiFi6 (802.11ax Wi-Fi), which mainly uses the OFDMA, the MU-MIMO and other technologies. It will allow up to 8 devices with a maximum speed of 9.6Gbps. At the same time, the Wi-Fi 6 reduces the time required to keep the antenna powered to transmit and search signals. The latter, it can greatly reduce the battery consumption and improve battery life.

Axon 10s Pro

ZTE has not announced the release or listing time of the AXON 10s Pro.


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