Masimo And Cercacor Accused Apple

Recently, American technology company Masimo accused Apple of stealing trade secrets and improperly using health monitoring patents in Apple Watch.

Masimo and its subsidiary Cercacor filed a lawsuit in federal court on Thursday. They claim that Apple Corps obtained confidential information on the grounds of establishing a working relationship and hired its employees. The company, which develops signal processing technology for medical monitoring equipment, claims in a lawsuit that Apple infringed 10 patents.


Masimo and Cercacor said that their non-intrusive detection technology is key to Apple’s resolution of Apple Watch performance issues. These methods include the use of light transmitters and detectors to measure blood oxygen levels and heart rate.

According to the indictment filed in the federal court in Santa Ana, California, Apple contacted Masimo in 2013. They asked for potential cooperation with Apple. The latter says it wants to “learn more about Masimo’s technology and integrate it into Apple’s products.”


After Masimo thought it had a fruitful meeting with Apple, Apple began hiring two key employees. They are Chief Medical Officer of Masimo and Chief Technology Officer of Cercacor. The two companies said that Apple obtained confidential information from them.

What Particularly Masimo Says?

The companies said in the complaint: “Apple appears to be seeking information and expertise from Masimo and Cercacor in a targeted manner. Therefore, the companies have warned Apple to respect their rights.”

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It is reported that four patents have been awarded to the former CTO of Cercacor. Masimo and Cercacor are also demonstrating that their engineers have been involved. The two companies said that the technology executive learned the ideas at the company, not through research. This would allow the company and Cercacor to own or at least jointly own the four patents currently assigned to Apple.

The two companies also expect lawsuits to prevent Apple from further using its invention patents and indemnifying orders for unspecified losses.


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