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Electric Vehicles Manufacturing Plants On Every Continent

Today, Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, announced that he hopes to build electric vehicles manufacturing plants on every continent. The aim is to promote the company’s faster development, indeed.

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Currently, Tesla has expanded its electric vehicles manufacturing plants from the United States to other countries. At the end of last year, Tesla’s Shanghai plant was completed and officially put into production. Also, Tesla plans to build a new plant in Berlin, Germany, mainly for the production of Model 3 and Model Y. Tesla’s German factory covers an area of ​​about 420 football fields and will create 10,000 new jobs. Construction will start in 2020, and be ready in 2021.

Nevertheless, Musk still seems unsatisfied. He hopes to build electric vehicles manufacturing plants on every continent to promote the company’s faster development. “One of the biggest problems we have to solve now is having production on every continent. It’s crazy to make cars in California and ship them to Europe and Asia,” Musk added. Building more factories can help Tesla better meet consumer needs.

Before the Model 3 electric vehicles manufacturing plants, Tesla sold only about 250,000 electric cars (other models). Now, everything has changed. With the launch of the $35,000 Model 3, Tesla’s current car sales are close to one million.

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Besides Tesla will produce Model Y SUV next month and Cyber Truck electric pickup next year, which will further increase Tesla’s car sales. Delivering all these cars to customers will be the biggest challenge for Tesla.

Thus, the benefits Musk hopes to have via electric vehicles manufacturing plants on each continent are obvious. I.e. there is no need to wait a few more weeks to ship the car to consumers.



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