Xiaomi Smart Camera Standard Edition Announced At 99 Yuan ($14)

Xiaomi has uncovered a new smart camera, which costs 99 yuan ($14) and will be on sale tomorrow. This product is called ‘Xiaomi Smart Camera Standard Edition’. It supports 1080p Full HD video shooting and smartphone remote viewing capabilities. The picture is clear and smooth, and the details are displayed intact.

Xiaomi Smart Camera Standard Edition

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Compared with the previous Mijia smart camera, its ultra-wide angle has been increased from 130° to 170°. The field of view is wider, effectively reducing the shooting blind area. It also supports IP65 dustproof and waterproof options. So this camera is quite suitable for a variety of outdoor places.

The Xiaomi Smart Camera Standard Edition has a magnetic base that can be attached to metal objects such as refrigerators.

Xiaomi Smart Camera Standard Edition Enhanced Features

Also, the Xiaomi’s Smart Camera Standard Edition adds AI human-shaped intelligent detection, which can effectively filter invalid alarms caused by curtain swings, light changes, small insects flying, shaking, etc., and can only be performed when human-shaped objects are detected. Agree that receiving push alarm information greatly reduces invalid alarms.

Xiaomi Smart Camera Standard Edition

In terms of night shooting, it supports undisturbed night vision. Thus, it meets the requirements of most domestic environments. The infrared fill light has no light pollution and does not affect family sleep.

In addition, the Xiaomi’s Smart Camera Standard Edition upgrades the voice call experience and adopts a full-duplex voice call design. When communicating, it doesn’t work like walkie-talkie but provides an instant communication like a phone call.

Xiaomi Smart Camera Standard Edition

At the same time, the Xiaomi Smart Camera Standard Edition supports the picture-in-picture function on mainstream Android models. The screen is pinned in the form of a small window, and the screen can be viewed anytime and anywhere without affecting other operations. It also supports multiple screens on one screen. When there are multiple cameras in the home, you can view multiple screens on the screen at the same time.

In terms of storage, the Xiaomi’s Smart Camera Standard Edition can be used with Xiaomi Cloud Services and supports local MicroSD cards and cloud storage methods.


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