Apple Won’t Move Production Lines Back To The US: Experts Explain Why

Cook earlier stated that Apple’s Mac Pro is a product made in the United States. European customers still receive the Mac Pro assembled in China. So, why didn’t Cook move the entire production line to the United States? Experts gave the answer today.

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The 2019 China Forum Annual Conference hosted by China News Agency was held in Beijing today. Wei Jianguo, vice chairman of the China International Economic Exchange Center, said that when talking about the reorganization of global production factors, only China can provide a large consumer market and a complete supply chain.


He gave an example: “If Apple wants to set up its factory in the world’s largest consumer market and the perfect production chain, only China meets these conditions. Only China satisfies the company’s needs with its 3 vital factors: 1 billion population + consumer market + complete production chain.”

What makes Apple assemble its products outside the US

Wei Jianguo said, “Why did Cook say he was unwilling to accept Trump’s request to move back? If he moved back, he couldn’t even make the screws. A smartphone has more than 100,000 parts. You can’t do it without a production chain.” Wei Jianguo said that the global reorganization of technology, human resources, resources, and market factors made it necessary for cross-companies to set up factories near the market. They have to find research and development in the nearest place. Only this way they can observe the market demand at any time.

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Let’s take the recent booming Apple AirPods Pro as an example. Apple is increasing production of the new wireless headset. Next month, the monthly output of the AirPods Pro will increase to 2 million pairs. That is twice the initial target. This headset  currently comes from Chinese enterprises.

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