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Former TV Giant, Panasonic Announces Suspension of LCD Screens in 2021


In the last 20 years, the LCD display market has shown explosive growth. New companies have cut costs, and production technology continues to advance, resulting in fierce competition in the LCD display market. On the other hand, profit margins is also decreasing. Now, Panasonic announce that it will stop production of LCD monitors by 2021.


Panasonic was once a leading TV manufacturer, but due to fierce competition from Chinese and Korean manufacturers, the company stopped producing LCD TVs in 2016. In recent years, the company focus on the production of LCDs for industrial and automotive applications in order to find a more profitable niche in the LCD market. However, it seems that even specializations cannot produce the kind of returns that Panasonic requires. So they will completely withdraw from the LCD market.

According to the reports Panasonic has not completely left the display market. The company will continue to launch OLED TVs.

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