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MJX Bugs 4W: 2K camera and one-axis gimbal

The MJX Bugs 4W looks to be their most exciting and best drone yet. With a folding design, powerful brushless motors, GPS, intelligent flight modes and a 2K camera on a one-axis gimble this quadcopter has some serious potential. MJX has made some of our favorite low-cost drones. The Bugs 3 and the Bugs 5W are two of our favorites and this looks to top them both.

MJX Bugs 4W

The MJX Bugs 4W

This drone was originally thought to have been a clone of the SJRC F11. While the SJRC F11 has a lot going for it the biggest let down was the below average camera. MJX seemingly has addressed the shortcomings of the F11 and built a superior drone. The 2K camera will be stabilized by a one-axis gimbal. While this isn’t full stabilization it is certainly a big upgrade over unstabilized footage. The camera will be adjustable from the remote control as well.

MJX Bugs 4W

MJX Bugs 4W Features

This new Bugs 4 model will utilize GPS technology to keep it stable. Not only that but it will also have optical flow and sonar sensors to help keep it in place. Like the Bugs 2 and 5 this drone will have to follow me, point of interest, return home and tap to fly. The Bugs 4W will use 2204 brushless motors and a 4-in-1 ESCs. The battery looks to be a 7.4v and MJX is claiming 22 minutes of flight time.

MJX Bugs 4W

Like the other Bugs models, it will use the new and improved Bugs GO app. The drone will connect to your smartphone via what MJX calls a 5G connection but can be better described as the 802.11ac WiFi protocol. That will help give it a better range. I would expect to get 200-400 meters on a good day.

The new remote looks like a good upgrade.

We will find out soon if how it stacks up against other popular models. Hopefully, it comes in somewhere between $150-200. Check back and we will let you know when you can expect these to start shipping. We will do a full review when we get one for testing. Happy Flying.

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