JJRC Q81 1:20 2.4GHz Remote Control 2 in 1 Double-sided Stunt offered for $21.99(coupon)

Do you know who does not like remote control? TO NOBODY. Everyone loves remote control, because they can kick it everywhere without regrets. The JJRC Q81 can satisfy this appetite of yours, and in fact without hurting anything, since you can throw it comfortably on the walls, on stones, in the sand, EVEN in the water, and it can just squat and make treadmills, until you can drive it back to you.

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Price without coupon: $21.99
Coupon Code 1($18.99): AUR4NOAMX5

The JJRC car is amphibious, so in addition to roads, fields, mountains and ravines, it can also conquer the sea, as long as you do not go too far, and the battery does not turn enough, so we have a second Titanic. Its motor offers you a top speed of 10 hp, which means that if you run it on the foot of a passer-by, you will probably get involved.

In the package you will find a 500mAh battery as well as a remote control with dimensions 12.5 x 11.5 x 4CM that has a range of about 40 meters on land, and 10 meters in water.

It has 4-wheel drive, if it finds an obstacle or passes it, or turns, you can turn it 360 degrees, since each wheel is independent, with the large proportional wheels of the Q81 being made to give the necessary traction, on whatever ground the JJRC remote control treads.

Where to buy The JJRC Q81 1:20 2.4GHz Remote Control

The JJRC Q81 1:20 2.4GHz Remote Control is available on Gearbest for $21.99

Price without coupon: $21.99
Coupon Code 1($18.99): AUR4NOAMX5

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